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Hello! I'm a software developer based in Bristol, UK. Between work contracts I enjoy world wide travels and creating the occasional website - some of which are outlined below.

Software : Python, BeautifulSoup, Requests, Selenium, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, linux, ksh, lftp

This website began as a small project to find the best films currently showing in my home city of Bristol by automating the task of cross referencing cinema listings with film reviews.

After a spot of mission creep the website now contains 17000+ Web Pages covering 609 UK Towns, 957 Cinemas, Years back to 1915, 1400+ Directors, 3700+ Actors, 21000+ Movies and over 1700 UK Netflix movies.

The website lists Movies by Rating grouped by Town, Year, Actor, Director or Netflix category. It also works out the best Actors, Directors and Actor / Directors of all time and updates itself automatically every week.

Live link :

Live link :

Photo Website

Software : HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, linux, ksh, Fancybox, Imagemagick. Photos : my travel photos.

Live link :

Nobel Prize Winners Visualisation

Software : Python, BeautifulSoup, Scrapy, Pandas, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, D3, jQuery, linux, ksh

Live link :

This website is based on Kyran Dale's excellent book "Data Visualization with Python & Javascript" (O'Reilly Books, 2016).

This site is a copy of Kyran's code with a few tweaks added, eg :

  1. The visualisation expands on large screens.
  2. The winners listing includes Country & Gender columns.
  3. Winners Data and Biographies for 2015 through 2016 are included.

SlideShow 3

Software : HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, linux, ksh, Imagemagick. Photos : my travel photos.

Slideshow 3A Slideshow 3B

Recommended screen width : > 750px. Features 9 simultaneous synchronised slide shows.

Interactive Graphs Website

Software : Java, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, linux, ksh

Interactive Graphs using Java
Interactive Graphs

To view and animate these stunning graphs you need a computer running Java. Also, as of August 2017, it seems Google Chrome and Firefox browsers are no longer supporting Java, so you will probably need Safari or Internet Explorer.

This was a project to try the Java language and to animate some of the beautiful graphs in a fabulous book by Jean-Paul Delahaye, Professeur, Université des Sciences et Technologies de Lille, entitled "Geometric and Artistic Graphics - Design Generation with Microcomputers", MacMillan 1986. For this I converted the original Basic programs to Java and added colour, detail, rotation, animation and an interactive website.

"Internet of Things" - Remote Control Camera

Software : linux, ksh, sendmail, cron, curl, gphoto2

Sample images from automatic / email / remote controlled camera setup
Automatic / email / remote controlled camera setup

This project involved mounting a full frame digital SLR on my bathroom window sill, 2 storeys up, with a view along Bristol Harbour to the M-shed Museum and Prince Street Bridge. The camera could be triggered remotely via email, manually from a local computer or automatically driven by a timetable linked to sunrise times.

SlideShow 1A (16:9)

SlideShow 1B (3:2)

(Takes a little while to load.)

Software : HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, linux, ksh, Imagemagick. Photos : my travel photos.

Slideshow 1B Slideshow 1C

Recommended screen width : any. Features fancy image transitions from WOW Slider. Start slide, image transition type and duration are randomised.

Climbing Everest

Live link :

Copyright and image use

All images on this website are copyright Dave Gott. They may be downloaded for personal non-profit use or for promoting Bristol (if so please credit the source).

Contact :