Artistics Graphs - Help Page

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The Demo covers a few (or all if the "All graphs" box is ticked) graphs and runs in a continuous loop. While the Demo runs you can adjust Demo Speed, Drawing Speed and Rotation Speed.

Manual Use

Choose a graph either from the thumbnail images or from the Drawing>Graph drop-down list and then experiment with the controls.

To adjust graph size : resize your browser window then click "Refresh" below the graph (use your F11 key for the biggest view).

The Detail control, roughly speaking, controls how many lines appear in the graph. It is best with the 3 elliptical_star graphs.

Wobbly Rotation is good with : spiral_star, spiral_star_2, spiral_square, spiral_propeller & three_noses.

Off-centre wobbly rotation is good with spiral_star : choose Drawing>Start and then left-click in the centre of any of the stars and adjust the Rotation speed slider.

The Maths

The maths and original programs to generate these graphs come from a fabulous book by Jean-Paul Delahaye, Professeur, Université des Sciences et Technologies de Lille, entitled "Geometric and Artistic Graphics - Design Generation with Microcomputers", MacMillan 1986. For this website I have translated the original programs from basic to java, added colour, rotation, drawing speed, drawing detail, thumbnail images, a demo and an interactive web interface.