SlideShow 3

Slideshow 3A Slideshow 3B

Recommended screen width : > 750px. Features 9 simultaneous synchronised slide shows.

SlideShow 2

Slideshow 2B Slideshow 2C

Recommended screen width : > 2400px (750px minimum). Features montage images 2400x1249 pixels. The "v slow" speed is quite good for the fade effect (if you are patient).

SlideShow 1A (16:9)

SlideShow 1B (3:2)

(Takes a little while to load.)
Slideshow 1B Slideshow 1C

Recommended screen width : any. Features fancy image transitions from WOW Slider. Start slide, image transition type and duration are randomised.

Four Shows at Once

Similar to SlideShows 1A and 1B, but 4 at once. Requires fast connection, large screen, powerful graphics. Takes some seconds to warm up. The left 2 screens are linked by subject, as are the right 2 screens.